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What was the first object you saw in your telescope topic.

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My first image was of a star through Skywatcher 200mm reflector it was fuzzy and appeared to be about the size of the moon i realize i was out of focus. I sold the scope as i was moving house alot and working away . My next scope was Tal-2 with fixed EQ mount i bought it second hand its about 20 years old i collimated it and was able to split jupiter and moons a few days ago .

Actualy i returned the scope as i only had it for 2 weeks traded it for a pair of Schneider 10X40 gas filled binoculars which were totally amazing. But i gave these to my dad for his birthday .


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Miraculously, I think my first object was Venus in a cheap 1" toyshop refractor when I was 7 or so, through a closed window. :iamwithstupid:I say miraculously because it really was that bad an experience, and there was a very fuzzy shape to it, unsurprisingly!

But, in my first personal telescope, it was Jupiter with my Explorer 130p (and yes, it was outside!) :icon_salut:

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First night out with my AZ GOTO and, being a man, having not read the instructions I tried an initial alignment then selected Saturn. Not sure how but it was bang in the middle of the eyepiece and I was hooked. Several weeks later when I eventually managed to find it again I was just as happy!

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M13 in my parents' 10x50 bins, in August 1977; went "YES!! YES!! YES!!" and bounced around the garden

M13 in the 70mm at school, in September 1977; went "YES!! YES!! YES!!" and bounced around in general

M13 in my home-made 6" F/8, in September 1979; went "YES!! YES!! YES!!" and bounced around the roof terrace on my parents' house

M13 in my C8, in October 1996; went "WOW!!!!" at the explosion of stars revealed

M13 in Olly's 20" Dob in August 2011; went "WOW!!!!" again

Bit one track, but it is a great object :icon_salut:.

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Not M42 or M13 or M31 .....

The yellow 'M' of Mcdonald's

I was in Currys and they had a cheap reflector on display that i peered through that was pointed out the front window. Funnily enough it really heped spark my interest in telescopes !!

but the first real object were the moons of Jupiter ! and that got me hooked :icon_salut:

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Myself - I was looking into the wrong end:D

Actually, it was the top of a utility pole - it wqs daytime when I got it home at age 10. At night? Think it was Jupiter or Saturn:icon_scratch: At my age, I have more important things to remember - like....what were we talking about?

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