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Which scopes did you buy the very first time?


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My wife bought this 127mm Mak for me on my 30th birthday. The only difference is - it's black and white.


Actually - as a child (back in the communist days) I had a big box for children, where you could put together a telescope. It went so far, that you were supposed to build the EP yourself. They were about 10cm long and you had about 5 or 6 plastic lenses, which you could put into slots. Did it work? Mhm - I remember telling somebody in school, that I saw a star looking like a TV set...

So much about that then...

Pity I can't find it anymore.

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i brought a skywatcher 12" reflector on a dob base ,still have it and she still serves me well i am glad i got this scope first has no upgrade would be needed on the reflector front

my second scope is a f8 90mm frac on a ds 2000 mount (model is DS2090) Its a great scope and have had many great shots with it via a dslr/webcam

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My first scope was a Tasco 114mm short focal length newtonian with a spherical mirror. Just about as bad as it gets in terms of telescope design. Not a good purchase, although it did get me into the hobby. It was/is a nightmare to collimate, and very difficult to use. I can't bring myself to sell it on, so it's basically going to be broken down for parts for a 6" dob build (focusser, bolts etc). What's left is going for scrap to the tip.


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My first scope was a celestron astromaster 114, still have it upstairs. used a little bit of my redundancy money to get it as had always wanted a telescope but never been able to buy myself one. great little scope to learn with.

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