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How did you discover this forum?

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Thought it may be interesting to know how we all stumbled across this forum. Bearing in mind that it's new, it probably hasn't found its way into many search engines yet.

Well I have a combination of the forum called 'Spacetalk' & our Russ to thank. While reading one of Russ's (now rare) contributions to the forum, I happened to look at his signature & saw a link which looked unfamiliar. I clicked on it - and as they say, the rest is history! :)

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Hi guys i was introduced to this forum by a friend who has never posted yet.

I think that he is like me very disillusioned with forums and its members so

i tried this one as a last resort after this i was going to give up.

But hey presto this is just what i was needing-

-members of all levels and a place where you are never ignored.

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I sort of stumbled on it while googling.

Read the posts for a few days before taking the plunge

Can't call myself a forum expert, but this is one friendly place (perhaps it's because we all suffer a lack of sleep and don't go out during the day much!! :) )


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I was Admin of another forum when James and Russ set this one up. I managed to keep away for a few days and then the irrestable urge became more irresistable (?). So I joined up and resigned/kicked off from the other one.


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Ok, this is a bit complicated, and because I've had a drink, it might be useful for you to have 1 ( or 8 ) too!

I bought "The Sky at Night" mag. whilst at the coast (I have a static caravan at Cromer) - it would be issue 4, with the bonus cd. As a result, I went back into skywatching (I'v dabbled for years), but needing (really, really needing) a form of relaxation, I pushed the boat out and bought an ETX90.

After a couple of short sessions with the scope, I realised I needed a variety of EP's. Back to the mag, and the adverts (are you keeping up? questions later! :)), and I found the deal being offered by "Scope'n'skies" for the Antares EP set. Now, their website has some links.....

.....and look!...here I am :sunny:

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