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26 pane High Res Plato mosaic

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Thanks all. This was a more satisfying mosaic as I had to go out again two hours after shooting it to try and plug the blimmin great hole in the middle of Mare Imbrium that I'd missed first time round. Stupid featureless Maria, really hard to know what bits you have and haven't done at these magnifications.

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WOW!! Indeed!! That must be the best image of the moon I've ever seen :( So sharp and such detail, it's as if you're actually there - absolutely brilliant, I am in awe :):icon_salut:

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Wow, that's superb detail... and a lot of panes for that area.

Yeah it was all shot through a red light filter using a 2x barlow. So I was up pretty close with each capture. You really notice at that mag how much the moon wobbles in its orbit. My poor go-to's lunar tracking was really put through its paces. And didn't do a very good job, hence the great big gaping hole left after round one of the shoot :)

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