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celebrity stargazers....

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Been trying to read this but my head keeps seeing Myleene Klass and hearing Dr. Feelgood and I'm in too much of a happy place to go beyond that.

Erm, Dave Aguilar, singer in the 60s band The Chocolate Watchband became a professor of Astronomy at Colorado for a while. Oh, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Dave BRock from Hawkwind has apparently got an interest in astonomy.

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Actually I once got interviewed in Weston-Super-Mare town centre for a news item on whether Jeffrey Archer should be allowed to continue as "Lord" following his release from prison. Guessing everyone would be against I decided to buck the trend and say he's paid his price, unlike most other peers, and his experience would add to his understanding of some issues. Made sure I got a prime news slot! :)

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I seem to recall that the late Michael Bentine had an interest. He certainly appeared on the Sky at Night with PM.

John Dobson (of Dobsonian fame) counts as a famous amateur if not a celebrity and I see that Nik Szymanek has a Wikipedia entry so he must be famous!

Sadly, the list of celebrity astronomers doesn't seem to be very long. I expect they are far too busy enjoying their exciting celebrity lifestyles.



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