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hello from lincoln

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hi everyone

i've alway been interested in astronomy and exploring space and had a small telescope when i was younger, but never upgraded from that. so i was delighted last month when my 4 year old sat and watched 2 hours of "The Sky of Night" and said all he wants for christmas is a telescope. Since then he has learnt how to recognise the planets and there names, so yesterday i picked up a reflector telescope for us both to play with, nothink special just a national geographic with a focal lenth of 700mm and objective lens of 76mm and WOW i'm one happy bunny. I set it up last night to check it out and within ten minutes myself and my dad where in awe of jupiter and three of its moons. i felt like i was a kid again. so thats it enough of the life story, looking forward to browsing the forum and getting some tips

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Hello Johnboy, Welcome to SGL.by the way my daughter is 12 and loves the nights out side over a year she did a science project for school with videos of the moon,saturn and Jupiter and a few deep space ,the brighter ones ,here teachers was so impressed with the videos and her knowledge ,that the week after she gave the talk again in front of the whole school,as parents we were wall to wall smiles,we brought her a 90mm goto refractor, because we thought she may struggle to find things ,we were so wrong on that,she takes it out now the nights are early,she even asks for the 12" reflector to be put out,she found the dumbell nebula a while ago now its weird when your kids run in the house and shout it out loud thats 73 of the messier list dad

hope you both enjoy it like we do

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