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Hello from wiltshire

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Hi all

I've just found this forum after buying our first telescope.

My names Tracy I've got a jessops TA1100-102.

I've been bitten by the astrology bug after getting my dslr canon camera earlier this year and taking some pics of the moon.

I Can't wait to take some more now ive got my scope. I'm a total novice so anyhlp would be much appreciated.

thanks :)

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Top Posters In This Topic

Hi Tracy. Welcome to SGL. Enjoy your scope. Ask away with any questions. We have all been there and are happy to help.

By the way. Astrology is crystal ball and tea leaves. We are the other lot - astronomy!

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Hi Tracy,

Welcome from another Wiltshire based newbie to this great hobby. Here you can ask anything you want and you will find really knowledgeable and friendly people to help you on your way. Believe me, I have asked some really stupid questions and have received nothing but great support.

Hope you enjoy your new telescope.

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Just managed to get out in the garden with the scope now the clouds cleared and had a good look at the moon I can sum up what I saw in one word WOW. Now I'm totally hooked.

Now I need to know what else to look for and where to look :)

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