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New Scope!! Skywatcher equinox 80

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Hi everyone, my skywatcher equinox 80 just arrived home from Teleskop express.

It was nicely packed, and the travel box that followed with the scope was nicely wrapped in foam or something. I was not so happy about the travel case, it did not seem very secure for such an expansive scope and will modify it as soon as i can.

The scope itself was actualy quite heavy (2.9 kg), at least heavier than i thought. The black telescope shined back at me as soon as i lifted it into the light (it is very bling bling).

The focuser (Probably the thing i love most about the scope) is VERY nice. There are 2 focusers in one. One that goes fast and one that goes slow. It spins very smooth and i love spinning it for fun! :)

Anyway there are also some things i dont really like about the scope. For example not being able to focus onto anything. I first tryed on a street lamp a bit away from my house. Could only see some light but not the actual lamp itself. I then tryed the moon, which was a bit better than the street lamp but still didnt get a real focus. I just saw a big white disc with no detail. Same with trying to focus stars. Nada ;)

So im kinda stuck now. What to do now? Could it be because i am not using a diagonal? Suggestions are greatly apprichiated!;)





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I think you will need a diagonal to bring astro objects focus.

PS: and a finder too, unless you already have one.

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Alright so its the diagnoal that causes the problem ;) Good to know.

Yea i have one already ;)

Yes you will need a diagonal to bring it into focus as it is designed for imaging so the tube is shorter.

The focuser is the weak point of this telescope. I struggled to hold the weight of the field flattener and a DSLR even when the tension was tightened up.

Looking at your case mine was far more padded. it is precut soft foam not the firm foam used in this one.

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Just received an ED80 Pro and that's beautiful in all respects ;) :- First Light Optics - Skywatcher Evostar 80ED DS-Pro Outfit

Great with the supplied diagonal and 28mm EP ;) Also with DSLR with the supplied adapters. For my webcam (Philips SPC900NC) I needed an extra extension tube (used a Barlow with the lens removed) to get focus. Only tried it on terrestrial objects so far. Raining tonight so won't see any celestial objects :)

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Had mine about 2 months (From Opticstar)- I'm sure you'll love it. I have a similar case but the interior foam on mine is, as MjrTom says, more substantial . Perhaps the European ones are different (yes - I know the UK's in Europe but you know what I mean)

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