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Hello all

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I'm new here so I guess I should say hello.

These days I'm into astrophotography with newtonians. I have a 300mm f/4 at home and 200mm f/4 when out bush. Any other crazy newt fans around here?

I can't update my signature yet, but you can see some of my images here (I'm in Melbourne so they're all kinda southish)

Deep Space Place - Images

The newer images should be better than my first attempts ;). Lately I've been concentrating on the LMC : N50, NGC 346, N55, NGC 2070 and there are a few from last year and the SMC in there too. There are so many interesting targets in the LMC - it'll keep me busy for a while yet.



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Hi James and welcome to SGL, you must have some lovely dark skies as your images are quite remarkable, especially as a lot of them are taken hand driven, hope to see some in our POW spot ;)


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My home is in the outer suburbs - so the light pollution is a bit of a problem for RGB imaging, but the astronomy club has an excellent dark site a few hours away.

Newts can be frustrating things at times, but I really like the wide field of view you get from f/4

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