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What's in the boxes?!!

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Actually, I know the answer. Tomorrow (Dec 2nd) is my birthday and I will be 40 years old and my wife has arranged for family and close friends to pool their funds and buy me a Skywatcher 10" truss dob with synscan. It arrived 2 days ago and I have been lusting after it (in its boxes) under the stairs from the moment it arrived!

I last had a telescope at the age of 8, when I sent off for a 4" primary mirror and eyepiece and made a little dob with it out of a piece of drainpipe. I lost the scope once I discovered girls and beer but have always maintained my interest in the stars.

A few months ago my wife asked if there was anything I really wanted for my 40th.....and so here we are!!

Tonight (Dec 1st) my wife has gone out with friends and I am home alone looking our 2 kids, sleeping upstairs - with the two big boxes winking at me from about 10ft away!!!

What do I do?!!!! In 1hr 18mins it will be midnight and I will be 40 - would it be justifiable to open them?? I haven't been this excited about a birthday present since my Dad bought me Stretch Armstong as a nipper!

The other thing I'm worried about is the skies....2 of the last 4 nights have been beautifully clear but I've checked the forecast for the Guildford area where I am and things don't look good for a while now! Aaaaargh! This is killing me!!! Help!

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Good luck with that. The anticipation must be fantastic, that would kill me looking at those boxes.....all alone.....no one around.....all alone....boxes......mmm...ALL ALONE WITH BOXES......

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hi tom cloud will descend for at least a week now,when my 12" came i was out my good lady to delivery she rang me and said i thought you said it was small, i rushed home to find 3 boxes one the same size of are sofa,

but a lighter note its a good scope and if you have decent skies near you or a dark site that scope will burst into life

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Hi Tom!.........and a warm welcome to SGL from W Yorkshire - hope the birthday went well and that the scope is all you dreamed of!!

Lets hope you have some clear skies under which you can get to know your new friend really well!!

Let us know how you get on!!

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Well, I awarded myself a large chunk of the day off and have spent the last 6 hours building, testing, aligning, collimating, understanding and generally being awe-inspired by my new scope. What a beast!

I managed to leave her alone last night but got on it early with my 5yr old before she went to school this morning.

The sky is clear right now but the forecast is thick cloud by the evening. Will I get to see Jupiter, my hoped-for first target?? It looks touch and go....

A question on the kit - my 25mm eyepiece provides good clear daylight views but the 10mm one looks poor by comparison. Is this just because they are 'beginner' eyepieces that come with the scope and so not that great in quality, or is the bright daylight washing out the image, especially in the 10mm one?

I'm already planning what eyepieces I want to buy by way of upgrades. Any suggestions??

And thanks for all your warm welcomes to SGL and birthday wishes! 40 going on 14 at the moment!!

Cheers. Tb

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