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Hello from southwestern Utah

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I was an amateur astronomer as a teenager and now some 40+ years later I have returned. I am interested in all things astronomical, with a particular interest in variable stars.

My "Red Mountain Observatory" is a Meade LX200 ACF 10" telescope on wheels rolled out from my garage to marvel at the stars under clear southwestern skies at 37.17N and 113.66W in southwest Utah, elevation 3,088 feet.

I don't know if we are all alone in the universe, but so far I'm all alone where I am - so I'm hoping stargazerslounge will be a place for me to find others I can share questions, problems, and ideas.

I have just started a blog to share my ramblings at Red Mountain Observatory


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Welcome Mike, sounds an awesome location where you are. We have to put up with Clouds, clouds and more clouds here in the UK. You've come to a very friendly site to share your love of Astronomy.


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Thanks everyone for saying hi. It looks like this is even more of an instant community than I had hoped for. Also - Carole - I like your website - lots of interesting info there - especially since I want to start taking photos. Don't be saddened by my bragging about clear southwestern skies - they clouded up yesterday and it looks like they'll stay that way for a week.

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hi there and welcome from me ,i was talking to a radio ham the other day in Utah and just in case any one is a radio ham i can be heard most days on 14,285 usb, i look forward to read in your blog

cheers pat

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