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Hi from Peebles

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Hi Everyone,

I've followed the discussions on SGL for ages and it's been a fantastic help for someone new to the hobby. This is my first actual post on the forum. I thought I'd wait until I could ask some semi-sensible questions and share my (limited) experience before diving in!

Been stargazing for about 2 years now with a SW Skyliner 200 Dob. I've done a few modifications, bearings, fans and so on, and overall I've been really pleased with the scope and the views I can get with it. I'm lucky enough to have a reasonably dark site to work from here in The Borders, which also helps.

As far as I can manage within the limitatons a Dob, I've tried a bit of imaging (moon, planets and some bright doubles). The results are nothing great, but enough to convince me this is something I'd really like to build on. I'll save questions on upgrading my kit for another part of the forum, but I'm really looking forward to being part of SGL and hearing everyone's advice!


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hi and welcome from me ,one of the greatest things about SGL IS ASKING QUESTIONS , nothing is silly and nothing as not been asked before that is silly so jump in there no one ever tires of answering and the advice is of people who have done the same things and made the same mistakes knowledge is power and sgl is a powerful tool

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