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Hi I'm from North Yorkshire and have just purchased my first telescope. I just want to see things I have never seen before. My telescope is a 110mm reflector telescope. It has a 3 x Barlow Lens + 3 lenses of 20mm, 12.5mm & 6mm. I looked at Jupiter when I got it out of the box but, it was very shaky...BUT I DID SEE IT..awesome. I placed my telescope on the lawn outside my house, maybe I should have put it on the concrete drive? Any help from anyone will be greatly appreiciated.



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Welcome Andrew,

By shaky are you referring to the image moving, effectively vibrating or just a melted unclear image?

if it is shaky as Mr Spock has already said it is highly likely to be your mount, if it is a melted undefined image then it could well be that the telescope has not acclimatised and possibly needs the mirrors collimating?

let SGL know and I'm sure it will be fixed in no time!


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hi and welcome from me could you post your scope detail and mount, how long did you leave it to cool down,as a rule 5 mins per inch am sure next time you put it out wait as long as you can may be 30/40 mins, as already said warm concrete may give of heat and cause tube currents ,were you looking over the tops of houses ? letting the scope cool down is the key ,its hard when its a new scope i did the same i just wanted to look i thought i had brought a duff scope ,a hour later when she had cooled down the views were 100 times better post ya scope and details

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