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NGC 7217. Resonance ring galaxy in Pegasus with Edge 11 HD


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Nice. I checked and I saw this one last on 30 July 2009 visually in my 10 inch scope. I noted it was larger than NGC 7177! Quite tough as I had to go back and verify the sighting on 1 August..

Must try it again and check it is still there!


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Great image. :)

After the results I've had so far galaxy hunting with the 6" Mak, seeing this has put a much larger aperture scope on my wants list for next year for when I run out of "easy" M-targets. My one attempt at something this difficult (NGC 2146) has proved to me that going for galaxies at Mag10 really does require something pretty big.

What mount did you have the scope sitting on btw.. Was it the AP1200 as listed on your site? I wonder how a NEQ6 would cope with something like the Edge 11?

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Thanks again folks.

I didn't have the AP reducer in the optimal position so I was getting coma at the edge of the FOV, which I got rid of by using the starfield taken with my TMB in 2009. The correct way to use the reducer with the Edge scopes is to have it as close as possible to the field flattening lens but this means that you then have to use the coarse focus control and I wanted to use my moonlite focuser which is equipped with robofocus.

The mount was my AP1200 and I used a Tal 100 as a guidescope, Lodestar guidecam and PHD, hence 6 minute subs as any longer than that and I was getting issues with differential flexure. When my H18 comes back from SX, I'll be using that and an OAG.



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