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Looking for help on detail

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Hi I am just wondering if I should be able to get more detail from my 6" newt. I don't have an ir filter yet. Will an ir filter make a difference to the detail or is it more a matter of focus or poor collimation? Any advice would be great.



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With everything going your way, like seeing, collimation, focus, and reasonable optics you should be able to catch a lot more detail. Experience helps most people as well. Your image is well under exposed. My advice is to put an IR filter low on your list, I think they are over rated and rarely use one. Use a capture program with a histgram display to make sure your exposure is right with the histogram around 80% full (as a guide only)

You have not supplied much info on the capture or equipment so it is difficult to be more specific with advice.

But to reiterate on the detail captured, there are many fine examples of Jupiter images with similar sized optics posted here. If you check out the signatures to see who has a 6" (or even smaller) and then look at their posts you should get an idea of what is possible

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Sorry I can't help you much as I have nothing to reference your -1 exposure to?

Is this a Phillips Cam (SPC900 or ??880)

But it needs a longer exposure or more gain.

I have never used Sharpcap either so I don't know if it has a Histogram display??

wxAstrocapture (for eg) wxAstroCapture - Windows and linuX Astronomy Capture does have one as do several others. Try to fill the histo to about 80% on the X axis (horizontal)

Perhaps try 10fps, though not a big deal at this stage.

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