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EQMOD - Pier side settings??

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I park the scope pointing to the East (90 az) at 0 dec.

I've just unparked and moved the scope higher in the East....

The "Pier Side" info line is showing "East, pointing West"?????

I would have though it would be "West, pointing East"

I can't find/ see anyway of changing this??

Any ideas?

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Can't confirm or deny that yet as I've only been testing without a scope on the mount. I did see the msg and thought it confusing.

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The silence is deafening......

Am I the only guy with this issue?

Probably not, just the only one to notice it. Still a little silence never hurt anyone - I much prefer to work in silence :)

I've taken a look at the code behind it and frankly couldn't understand the logic at all so have written a fresh routine based upon the latest ASCOM directive which is:

If the mount hardware reports only the mechanical declination axis position (-180 to +180) then a driver can calculate SideOfPier as follows:
  • pierEast = abs(mechanical dec) <= 90 deg

  • pierWest = abs(mechanical Dec) > 90 deg

I've issued EQASCOM V1.24a to the EQMOD group files section if you want to try it out an confirm it behaves as you would expected.


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