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PHD vs. clouds

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In between clouds, I have lovely dark transparent skies tonight so I am trying to grab some more M33.

Trouble is, when a bothersome cloud rolls across, PHD goes a bit loopy. I know the subs is blown because of the cloud anyway, but should i stop the guiding until the cloud passes? It does seem to settle down again after, but is there a change it is just guide me into the ground if there is a big cloud?

Graph looks like this.


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I stop it and start it once the cloud has cleared - if only to stop it bleeping at me. I leave a crosshair over another star in the filed of view so that before I start it again I can see if there's been any drift that needs manually correcting.

BTW - you don't need to recalibrate when you start it again as long as it was working OK before.



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Thanks for that. I decided to do the same (again just to stop the dinging.)

Looking at my post this morning I can also see that I can't type for toffee on a lappy in the dark and cold looking through a red screen :)

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