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I just love that image Phil. The stars are pinpoint sharp, and everything of interest is in that picture, the panetary, Vega and Epsillon 1 and 2 straddling Vega makes a nice sight alone. Just Brill.

Ron. :)

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Well Phil, going by the size of the ring, whos long axis is about 100 arc secs, and Epsilon 1 and 2 seperation being about 208 arc. secs. and lying 1.5 degrees NE of Vega, I reckon a rethink is in order. On reflection (no pun), Vega would perhaps be a lot brighter on the image. I Got carriied away a bit there.


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you have to teach me the technique of getting the target as close to the edge of the frame as possible

Just sheer skill mate, comes with time :)

I can see I have still lots to learn. :D


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