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M33 "pop art" (a little mishap)

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Last Tuesday (2011 Nov 22) evening we had a clear spell. Hence I opened up my shed to point the 10" GSO-RC on the EQ6 pro towards M33. Later the Crab nebula was on the agenda but it clouded up after one hour. :)

On the other EQ6, the OMC250 revealed on Jupiter that the seeing was atrocious. Apart from the two main cloud stripes, no detail emerged and I just used this occasion for a coarse optical alignment.

Back to M33. Next day saw me reducing the data with DeepSkyStacker and Canon Digital Photo Professional. Hence I pointed DSS to the Biases, Darks, Flats and Lights and off it went. 27 x 2 minutes - I could not expect a deep image but howay as the Geordie says.

When contrasting with the Canon software I got surprised:


What has happened ?

Was the self made stop at the secondary of the GSO still not large enough, so I got straylight intake ?

Will I ever get proper flats ?

Is my technique with the pillow case - multi layered over the front of the scope, held in place with elastic band and shone at with my white LED torch - inappropriate ?

Looking at the flats .... one of them seemed a bit out but I was not sure. So let's try it and remove it from the stack. Going to DSS, I could not find the file name !

Actually there were no flats with the file names of last night, but flats were there !

Only ...

... I am a SAUSAGE ! :)

The flats I chose were - in total error - of another night one month ago, taken with another camera through another telescope (200/1000mm Newtonian) !

After this "small correction" ...


or a brighter version (depends on screen ...):


I hope you like it a bit. My partner found the "colourful" version nicer - but this is rather down to an arty taste than astronomy I suppose. :)

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That's pretty cool, with or without the pop-art colouring :-)

Amazing amount of detail for less than an hour of data!

M33 has to be high on my list once my 1.2m fl Newt arrives next week!


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I love the pop art one best, that would make an impressive large scale print..

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thanks for your comments. Yes, the amount of detail is not bad for 54 minutes. However, it is a 250mm instrument - not to forget.

@Ben - is it a 250/1200 ? Should be a nice powerful instrument then - I have a self made one of this size. However, for photography I would put a coma corrector onto your wishlist.

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I know the feeling - out in the cold and DSS does its bit 4 U :)

Not just this shot but a couple of others. I ended up stacking the frames individually in PS.

Then yesterday DSS plays ball - same files :)


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Oops, what happened there.

Are the blue lines indeed introduced by DSS ?

Never had one of those. I just remember problems with wide angle exposures where one side of the image "ran away" as the stars formed trails, while the other side was okay ...

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