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R.I.P Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero :cry:


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I would sadly like to say that Eddie Guerrero has sadly past away(If you don`t know him he is a wrestler from wwe)(World Wrestling Entertainment).

He died early sunday morning in a flat in mineapolis in America.

I`m totally gutted because he has died because he was 1 of my fav wrestler check http://www.wwe.com for more info

R.I.P Eddie Guerrero Respect Wrestling will never be the same without you

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Sad to hear, moonhunter.

I must admit to watching a few of these when my son was into it. The Rock and TripleH were the top dudes for us!!

The world mourns the passing of a great athlete...

Hi GazOC & Daz

Thanks for not saying anything stupid.

When i told "My Friend"he just said"who Cares".

He should just shut the f up t***

Triple H is still in it just incase you wandered

The rocks left,Hes been making films.Hes mad Doom 3 witch is out god nos when.lol :clouds1:


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you know this is maybe b4 ur time,

But does anyone remeber "Big Daddy" and Giant Haystacks"?


And Mick McManus...?

I used to watch them when I was I kid on Saturday afternoons..

Jimmy Breaks was my fav along with Catweasle & Kendo-Nagasaki

Bring back Dickie Davis!

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