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What's Your Favorite Type of Observing Object?

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Mine are globular clusters that I can resolve to their cores. My favorite (when living in NM, U.S.) was Omega Centauri with the second best M13 with its propeller- shaped dark lanes.

So what's yours and why?

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For me it's Galaxies.

The variation between different ones is the attraction.

Every one offers different challenges.

The subtle details really test my observing skills, and push me and my scopes to the limit.

Trying to find the very limit of what me and my scopes can achieve is what really drives me to observe.

Regards Steve

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I enjoy viewing all astro objects but over the past couple of years I've become rather fond of trying to see supernovae when they are bright enough to be within the range of my scopes. I've managed to see 4 so far. They are not much to look at, just a tiny pinpoint of light in another galaxy, but when you consider the nature of the event, how long ago it happened and the fact that the photons from it have traveled for millions of years before hitting my eye it's rather amazing :)

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I guess this turns out to be a "loaded" question, since everyone's observing conditions vary in seeing and transparency. But it is nice to jog our brains and see what others are enjoying and give those objects a try.

The only class of objects I have not spent time observing on are variable stars. Guess I haven't the patience to wait long enough to see changes from night to night (even from hour to hour).

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I really cannot say as it really depends on the seeing conditions and the kit I have dragged out that night. I enjoy everything - honestly everything!

I suppose if I had to choose one then it would be nebulae like M42 which is pretty much my favourite object in the sky. I enjoy the challenge of galaxy hunting and double star splitting (and seeing lunar and planetary detail too), and globs and open clusters........

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