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Storing Newt - which way up

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I have just bought an Orion Optics Europa 250mm newt from Kennymid1. It's a nice scope and I'm pleased with it. I plan to keep it in my garage separate from the mount (an EQ6 pro).

Can I store it vertically on a shelf? (with a rope to stop it falling off). If so should it be mirror up or mirror down? Mirror up has the advantage of dust can't fall on the primary and there is no pressure on the collimation screws. Mirror down has the advantage of the centre of gravity being closer to the shelf so making it more stable.

Is it better to store it horizontal? This is more of a problem in my packed garage.


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... and to give balance (ooops, pun) I store mine with the mirror at the top. I have no idea which is best for the longevity of the mirror but dust tends to fall so if there is any, I'd rather it didn't fall on the mirror. This does not make for a stable storage method though as the centre of gravity is all wrong.

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When I need to take the OTA off the mount, It stands on a home made piece of 2x2 wood approx 9" square so that the primary screws do not touch the ground :)

(just noticed, its my 1000th post :))

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I store my dob sitting on its rocker box pointing up with mirror at the bottom. It has covers so dust isn't really an issue. My Sct is stored pointing down with the mirror at the top. But it is on fork arms so can't be taken off anyway.

I wouldn't take an ota off to store horizontally - but that's just a personal preference - the mirror will either sit on it's mountings or hang off them - if horizontal, all the force is directed downwards vertically - wether this affects the mountings or not I have no idea - but doubt it cos they are strong enough to hold it in all orientations during normal use :)

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