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What Astro Apps Do you recommend for the Phone

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hi Neutrino Wave there is a square symbol with 3 lines and arrows on them press it,that turns on the sensor hope that helps

Thanks for the Tip.

AstroTools now gets a Thumbs Up!

The Sensor can be enabled via an icon of a dot with a wizzing orbiter :-)

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I have an Android phone aswell, and have bought one good App for £2.00 called "Star Chart" its really good and uses GPS for your location and is really accurate, also what I like is each star or planet you can click on them and it gives you information on them like how far from the earth it is etc. Also, I wish I found this one before I bought the other one as this one is free, its called "SKEye", pretty similar to the rest, GPS etc, but unlike the others it also has GoTo for telescopes, which I tested out on Jupiter, and it really works, so it'll be very handy indeed.

Hope these help, hope some people suggest more as I'd love to try a few more out.



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I've been on Android for a week now. Apart from the above:

- Satellite AR is my favourite at the moment.

- Telescope Flashlight is a simple red screen torch app.

- Star Odyssey is a nice little star catalogue, which links in to SKEye.

- Meteor Shower gives useful reminders of peaks.

- GPS Status has been useful recently, for its speed and simplicity.

Does anyone know of an Android app that gives alerts for solar activity, flares, aurora etc?

Also, I've struggled to find a decent Lunar app. (something like the Iphone's "Moon Globe would be good)

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