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Getting really fed up :-(


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I came back from 12 days in Italy last week, rural east coast (olive picking) - every night bar 2 were completely clear, even with a full moon stars and constellations were easily visible with the naked eye :)

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Haha, I got off the train last night and walked all the way back to my mates flat looking at the sky, even pausing in a nearby car park were it dark to stare at Jupiter for a while haha, even took a detour through a cemetry coz it was dark there lol x

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It's very hard here tbh. I'm in a well populated area very close to a school and it's all kept well lit around here :-(

There's a few parks and I'm not to far from a feild that I may have to try out.

All in all thought its a bit rubbish


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well i'm totally peed off, as we are planning to move house, but we've been screaming for a moving date for the past 4 weeks and no one can decide...so my scope was packed away a few weeks ago when I thought we were close to agreeing a date, so I'm currently limited to my bins and M31 was in a great position the other night but no scope to look through to see it so only saw a grey fuzz:cussing: and Jupiter is in a great position to be seen from the garden too, but no scope :) (sobs uncontrollably)

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