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If you could ask Brian Cox any question...

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humm i would ask him what the hell was going on with Dare and Dream and yet Wonders has a lot of Sigur Ros, I hope the sound track choice has educated his music choice now LOL

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Why do you find it so important to stare into 'middle distance'? There is nothing there! ;)

Also where do you buy your Jeans? Same shop as Jeramy Clarkson?

OK Without wanting to offend: He has taken the subject of Astronomy into everyday peoples home and that is fantastic but seriously? He has to be the most annoying presenter on the BBC! Or has the BBC made him that way?

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Thanks alot mate!

Ray Davies is my all-time hero too.

The greatest songwriter England has ever produced.

Not a problem, sheer poetry! he is a master of audio artistry.

I honestly can't think of another "British" songwriter who brings you so deep into his music.

His lyrics are so discriptive, you can almost imagine yourself actually watching "Terry & Julie" your almost looking out from inside the song.;)

Awesome stuff :)

Must remember this is an astronomy forum though.

Clear Skies Folks


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