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Clear sky's at last !!!

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Finally managed to get some time with my new 250p Dob. Only managed 1/2 hour on Jupiter before having to pack up and goto work, but it was a good fist light. Hope sky's over Birmingham stay clear until I'm back from shift. :-)

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No clear skies for me.

Just had the shortest observation session ever. One minute at Pleiades, thirty seconds with Jupiter, and cloud suddenly appeared from nowhere.

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There be stars here in Hertfordshire ;)

The odd band of cloud passed over a few hours ago, but it's now clear, so making the most of it, especially as I have the day off tomorrow, I can spend all day in bed if this last all night !


B----r ! clouds rolled in quick and looks thick enough to be staying for some time :)

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Nice and clear hear tonight, and I have to be up for work at 4am typical. I am off work for 2 weeks after tomorrow, surely there will be some clear skies during that time. Won't there? Lol. I live in hope.

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Just packed up after a hit/miss session. A case of take 2 subs, wait for a cloud to pass, take another 2, wait for more clouds to pass.... you get the idea ;)

At least its settled me down a bit, I was getting a bit grumpy with all this cloud we've had.

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ive just come in from my first proper session for about a month because of commitments and the nearly month long cloud cover it seemed. Got my first light on the Orion Nebula for this season ;) very cool to see it again and especially through my newish SW 200p. A marked improvement in the view over my trusty Astromaster 130EQ. And good ol Joop looked good as always.

Clouds started to roll in on me though and cold knee's sent me in.

Good night though all in all.


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