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Another Hi from Sweden!

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Hi all,

We are a family of Brits who have recently moved to the south of Sweden, and are working hard to try to pick up the language, and figure out the lifestyle. We recently decided that an astronomy hobby would be a lot of fun, and great for our kids, so I have been lurking here for a while trying to learn as much as possible.

Since joining a few days ago, I've already had some really useful answers to my questions, and I feel like I'll soon be ready to jump into the deep-end and actually buy a scope!

Thanks for the answers so far, thanks for your time, and thanks for your welcome! ;)

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Thanks again for the welcome everyone!

Hi and welcome - what are your skies like where you are?

Gray and cloudy mostly ;)

This isn't exactly a dark sky area, but the nearest cities (Lund, Malmö) aren't exactly huge. A few nights ago, I tried to find the faintest star in the sky that I was confident I could find in the software "Stellarium", and I think I could see one of the faint stars in Orien's belt -- "c Ori". Stellarium says this is magnitude 4.55.

That's what I can see with the naked eye, while trying to shield my eyes from a streetlight about 10 m away, and giving myself less than a minute to adjust to the dark! :) Does that sound reasonable for observing?

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