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Sibert Optics Eyepieces


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Well i did this Review quite sometime ago and for the most part agree with it to this day so here goes..

Sibert Optics eyepiece's


These eyepiece's are homemade from the USA and offer you a great eyepiece for far less

than money than other eyepieces of this standard! I have the 35mm super-wide, 21 mm wide-field

and 10mm wide-field eyepiece's from the range.

The 35mm super-wide is of great build, materials used are mainly copper, The optics

are the best I have seen, nice colours, contrast and light gain. This eyepiece, as

with all the Sibert eyepiece's I have, are a joy to work with, giving a massive

field of view. This comes in handy when using eyepiece projection and of

course, star hopping etc!.

The 21mm wide-field eyepiece is of the same standard as the 35mm and 10mm, no

cheap plastic used on these beauties! Looking at the Ring Nebula with this

eyepiece will give you a buzz! Double up with a Barlow and there's no loss in

contrast or colour!

Now we come to the last eyepiece, the 10mm wide-field. Well I must admit I wasn’t

expecting much from this eyepiece, with it being wide-field but it proved me wrong

completely. It's up to the same standard as the other 2 eyepiece's here! Excellent

magnification and contrast, even with a 2.5x Barlow. The build is same again, luxury!


If you want to find out more about these and more eyepiece's offered by

Siberts optics, then go to this link.


James :)

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Very interesting review James. These eyepieces are supposed to have a 'homemade' look to them but are inexpensive to buy. Your favourable review reminds me of a similar one I saw posted on Spacetalk a few years back.

Great to see great minds.................. :)

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Don't hear much from Ron nowadays, James. But he was very good at giving well balanced & impartial reviews of equipment. I have some of his early astrophotography posted on my website at http://www.mackenzie1963.freeserve.co.uk/ron1.htm There are some really stunning shots there.

Ron now has his own website at http://www.mts.net/~rcberard/

Perhaps I should ask him to join this forum. He may well be interested.

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