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2" eps

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The field stop has no effect on image brightness and some 1.25 EPs have an even wider apparent field of view than any 2" EP. The only advantage of a 2" EP is they can have a larger true field of view - they show more sky.

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Echo comments above, my main use is in my f10 sct which is undemanding in terms of ep's. I have mainly gone for middle ground 2" Moonfish, again what works for me may not be for you. I have others and they are ok. With your scope your investment will be significant unless you also have a 2" diag & maybe a 2" barlow.

You may be better advised to stick with your 1.25" setup and change when apperture fever hits & you change scopes!!!

Good luck with your choice.

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As has been said, the main advantage of 2" eyepieces is that they allow a larger field of view because of their larger barrel diameter. Many folks use 1.25" eyepieces for medium to high magnifications and have a 2" or two for low power, wide angle viewing, if their scope will accept the larger size.

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Copied from a post of mine on another thread on the same subject.

First thing to realise is that 2" eyepieces are no better than 1.25" eyepieces quality wise. 2" eyepieces do allow for a wider FOV at the longer focal lengths, 17mm aprox and over, due to the maximum potential diameter of the field stop inside the eyepiece. At shorter focal lengths the maximum required field stop is less than 1.25" so there's no advantage in a larger format eyepiece.

So it's basically 1.25" for most of your eyepieces and a couple of 2" for the longer focal lengths.


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