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Jupiter 8th November through a 16" telescope


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So once again I got an opportunity to shoot through the IAA 16" telescope. This time I used all the tips given by Neil and Kokatha Man.

The sky were not steady (4/10) but cloudless.

The picture was taken with the SPC 900 and a powermate x2 (f/20)


I still feel I missed something as the picture is far from what I would expect to get with such a large telescope.

I would blame it on the almost full and close moon and the seeing conditions.

Comments are welcome.


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It is an amazing pic Olorin and I think its more a case of the limitations of the SPC900 that resulted in you being underwhelmed by it rather than the scope itself. It is still just a webcam. Its a bit like getting to the top of Mount everest and using a disposable camera to take a snapshot. You'd get far more out of the view from the top of the mountain by using a big powerful DSLR.

Had you been able to turn a dedicated planetary imaging camera such as a DMK plus RGB filters on it, the more powerful chip in it would have really brought out the finer detail a 16 inch scope can produce. But having said that... seeing, as you know, is always such a huge factor and even the largest scopes can only properly sing when the seeing is right.

But as I said, its a beautiful picture for an SPC900, one of the best I've ever seen. And your colours are fantastic. Don't beat yourself up about it, you should be very proud of this pic.

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The image looks fantastic, and I would be chuffed with that result.

The zonal bandings are very evident, and colouring is very good.

Great processing.

Since the planet is now ideally placed for imaging, only poor sky conditions should be the limiting factor.

Scope collimation perfection helps too though :D.


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