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First reasable attempt at the moon


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Here's my first good attempt/result at capturing the moon. Just my SLR and 300mm telescopic lens.

1/280s @ISO400 300mm and a little PS afterward.

Any suggestions on camera settings and such would help because I really just guessed and used trial and error to see what looked best.


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No I haven't because I don't know what that is. :)

edit: Nevermind I know what it is now. lol Still answer is no because I don't have a telescope...or a mount for that matter. Its just me my SLR and a camera tripod. Currently saving for a mount...hopefully will have enough spare change to give myself a nice b-day present at the end of the month.

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I always shoot about 1 to 2 stops under-exposed in order for the highlights to not get blown out. There is generally enough latitude in the data for the shadow detail to come through ( I have never seen the shadows completely dark ! ) But if the whites are saturated, there is nothing you can do to recover them.

Nice first attempt. Obviously more magnification would be a good thing. Maybe you can get a tele-extender for that lens. But obviously, you are going to be looking for an honest-to-goodness telescope in the near future. Mark my words!

Jim S.

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great pic ,settings are not far of with the looks of things,and it is trail and error as you say theres not one right set ,of settings if the moons full and bright there going to be dif from a half moon lets say i like the pic do some more i love the moon and i am obsessed with it and have been for the last 16 months

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