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Pelicans and Elephants in space :)


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Last summer I worked together with a fellow astrophotographer (Daniel Verloop) here in the Netherlands on an imaging project to combine our data of the Elephant Trunk and the Pelican Nebula. Since I only entered this forum later I will post them, because I think they are worthwhile sharing.

The first image we took together was the Elephant Trunk Nebula. I made images of the trunk itself with my ED80/SXV-H9 while Daniel took images with his Tak-FSQ85 with QSI583 camera for the broader view. We decided to go for narrowband imaging with Ha, OIII and SII.

Later these images were combined with an RGB dataset of Yves, another fellow photographer, to get out the original star colors.

Processing and integration of the images was done by me.

Total exposures are:

Ha: 6x1800s (ED80 4,5nm Custom scientific)/6x1800s (FSQ85 5nm astrodon)

OIII: 7x1800s (FSQ85 5nm astrodon)

SII: 7x1800s (FSQ85 5nm astrodon)


4 hours canon 40D + 300mm lens

8 hours Tak 85 with reducer and ATIK 4000 and Ha 7nm

4 hours Tak 85 with H35 and Ha 7nm

So a total of 29 hours of data was used for this image.


For our second project we decided to go even deeper with longer exposure time in the narrowband range. We decided to make a widefield of the Pelican Nebula. I took the images of the pelican area with my ED80 and even C11 sometimes while Daniel took the widefields again with his FSQ85.

Now we took the following exposures:

Ha: 18x1800s (FSQ85 5nm astrodon), 20x1800s (ED80 4,5 nm custom scientific)

OIII: 8x1800s (FSQ85 5nm astrodon)

SII: 8x1800s (FSQ85 5nm astrodon)

So in total 27 hours of narrowband data was used.


The image size was reduced a bit in these images to make them viewable....

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I would totally sell my soul to be able to get images like these - As Olly said, there's a LOT to be said for collaboration (especially with the weather we get) but to my mind these are supreme examples. Thank you very much for sharing them... even though they both make the bar that I was aiming for just that little bit further away!

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