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First ever Jupiter and close Moon using webcam

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Took a couple of Webcam Videos last night using my Skywatcher MAK 127, Celstron Ultima Barlow x 2 and SPC900


As you can see I struggled to get a good focus and wondered if you had any tips?

I'm totally new to Sharpcap and Registax (and Astronomy to be honest!) so I wasn't really sure what I was doing but I think I selected 1000 frames at 10 fps. I twiddled with a few knobs and saw the image but where I struggled was with the focus on the telescope as every time I moved the knob, Jupiter moved off centre. I think this might have something to do with my AZ GOTO mount which seems to wobble a bit.

Ps. I tracked Jupiter using the AZ GOTO mount.

Is there any way to focus off Telescope if that makes sense?



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First Light Optics - StarSharp Bahtinov Focus Masks Will help with the focusing. This said a webcam FL is around the same as a 6mm EP so if you are using a barlow that is the equivalent to a 3mm EP and in a 127 Mak thats x500 so for you to get a successful image from that kind of mag the seeing would have to be real good and the scope well cooled. It may have paid to try with out the barlow to start with.

How was Jupiter visually? Did you try the scope out side and was there an improvement over your last attempt ??

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Hi there i had a quick look at your image in photoshop and tweaked a few levels , i had to use quite a high ammount though which got me thinking did you adjust wavelets in registax ? it could be quite a number of things like focus , seeing conditions or even dew has caused me to have " out of focus " images . My advice would be to get out as much as you can and eliminate each one i'm sure you will suss it quickly :)


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