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hello from birmingham!!

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Hi Claire, welcome to SGL.

Im from just up the road at Dudley.

I am a member of walsall astronomy soc, we meet every thurs .

there was to be a meteor meet at barr beacon tomorrow but i believe now cancelled.

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Hello again!! Sorry had no Internet :-/

Thank you for all the welcomes!!!

I'm using my iPod to post so whoever said about the waslall

Meet up can you message me the details or I will send you my email addy as its a bit awkward to use this site on my iPod.

Thanks again!! Xxxx

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Welcome to the forum Claire.

There's plenty of like minded people locally. I live next door to you in Coventry, but there are more than a few proper Brummies on board :D



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Hi welcome to the forums from an ex-punk living near brum.

Like yourself had never thought to seek out like minded astro nutters but recently asked about the wolves/black country group (as yet to meet them though) also walsall council are doing events at barr beacon and hoping to do more great dark site and viewing platform!

oops seems teaman beat me to the walsall info, that'll teach me to read up^^ look for http://cms.walsall.gov.uk/meteorwatch or join the facebook page walsall wildlife for more info

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