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Sawley Meeting Sat 12 Nov

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im new to the forums and dont have any gear yet but if its cool with all you guys i wouldnt mind popping up on saturday and having a peep.


Off course you are welcome.

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Well I look just like my avatar - some say like Jack Nicholson (I ain't arguing lol) so you'll recognise me easy - It's a small pub - you can't miss us :)

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Sorry I can't make it, friends coming down from Geordie land for the weekend! Good luck with the op Phil and the rest of you enjoy your night out! Hope to join you for December's meeting.

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I'm back from the dead and gonna try and get down there tonight.

I wont be humping any gear around, still a little delicate

What s the word on the streets then? Is it pub or sawley?


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