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Sawley Meeting Sat 12 Nov

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I'd like to propose a meeting for next Sat night come what may. The format's simple - if the skies clear we get the scopes out - if the weather's naff we meet in the pub.

Can't remember the name of the pub so if someone can jot it down here that would be great.

Use this thread to put your name down here if you can deffo make it - look forward to seeing you all there :)

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Count me in!

Details for the pub.

Plank & Leggit

Tamworth Road

Long Eaton


NG10 3AD

Its adjacent to Sawley Marina, this is on the way out of Sawley and over the River Trent and on the left coming from Long Eaton direction.

It's on the right after you pass under the M1 coming from the A50. Entrance to the car park is just down Warren Lane.

The dark site is also down here, Warren Lane, keep on going until you pass under a railway bridge, stay on the road the as there was a blumming great hole just off to the side under the bridge. As you approach a sharp right hand corner the gate for the site is on the left at that bend. If you pass a farm house on your right you have gone too far.

Coming down the M1 towards J24 from the North. Take the turn for the A50 and as you go round the loop get into the right hand lane. You will come up to a traffic light controlled island, go round that and take the second exit, this is marked as a dead end road, it isn't ignore it! keep straight on, past the gravel workings and you will go under a conveyor bridge and through an open white gate, carry on down the lane, and you'll see a farm house on the left, the gate to the dark site is on the right just after that. If you go round a sharp left hand bend, you have gone too far. If you go under a bridge, then way too far!

From the South, come off at J24, and take the A50 towards Derby, take the first exit and go round the Island and back onto the A50 heading towards the M1, get into lane two, (NOT M1 Northbound!) heading back to J24 as you come up to the island take first exit and follow above directions.

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Don't think l can make it as starting new job Sunday night.

Sorry been away for ages, been fishing alot and the summer late light evenings are naff for me as l fall asleep waiting for them to go dark for veiwing.

Are we all well?


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Would love to go but I have an exploratory gut op on thursday to see whats going on down there:( so I doubt if I will be fully functional for a few days.

Have a good time whichever way the weather goes.


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Cheers guys have a good meeting hope its clear for you.

Its not the fact that Im having to go in on thursday that smarts, its having to miss the Hamsters farewell tour gig at Derby on thursday night:( One of my favourite live bands the Hamsters, a mix of ZZ Top Hendrix and good old fashioned rock:headbang:


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