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Greetings from Light Polluted Reading

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Hello everyone,

this is all a bit new to me, so what do I say?? I think I must be in a similar situation to many of you in that when I was a young lad I was very much into astronomy, but later life meant that it took a back seat for a long time ( just watching 'The Sky at Night' probably does not mean that you are an astronomer :) ). After a lay off of nearly 30 years I recently purchased a 2nd hand Celestron Astromaster 130 ( for a snip ) and have started to get the bug again.

Since buying the scope I have also started the usual collection of eyepieces, barlows and filters, etc., as well as the ubiquitous SPC900 webcam. Whilst doing this I have found a lot of the advice on this forum extremely useful over the last year so have finally decided to join........

Whilst I know that the scope I have is not perfect for all my needs ( especially imaging :headbang: ), I see it as a great starter for teaching me about things I will need to look for in my next one. It's also great for trying out some of my 'Astronomy on a shoestring' ideas.

Why the name 'AstroTux'? Well, I'm also a fan of the Linux operating system and use it exclusively on my PCs, even for imaging. One thing that bugs me is having to boot an old laptop with XP on it just to set macros into my webcam, so hopefully I may be able to write something to do this in Linux when I acquire the skill ;) !!

In the words of Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling (aka Peter Cook) when asked "Do you feel you've learnt by your mistakes here?"

"I think I have, yes, and I think I can probably repeat them almost perfectly."

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Hi AstroTux,

Weclome to SGL, great starter scope, wait until apperture fever hits then the dark art of imaging....

Ahh Reading, put ruts in the 4074,a34, M40 commuting there!!.


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Hi AstroTux!

I am also in Reading, just purchased my first scope (Sky-Watcher 130) and the same webcam (*snap*) :)

I'm a total newbie on the forums too and just attended my first star party (Salisbury) - totally recommend it!

Welcome to the forum and maybe can chat some time about hidden dark areas in the the Berkshire region ;)

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make that 4. There's plenty of options if you want to travel to those darker skies. Head south!. Then agai - they're not like Kelling..


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