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Solar filters for 15X70 binoculars


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Apart from carefully making your own from Baader planetarium astrosolar film, I can't think of any. Personally I would only consider looking at the Sun through a proper solar scope. All it would take would be a slight cut or hole in the film and you'd run the risk of severe damage to your eyes. :)

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I bought a thousand oaks solar filter for my William Optics SD66 and this fits over the end of my Celestron 15x70 binos. A bit expensive to buy two of these but I imagine it would work and give you a good view of the Sun.



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You probably can construct filters for the 15x70 binocular (but I wouldn't! - too much risk).

A safer method to view the sun might be via projection (put the cap on one of the objective lenses).

Here's a basic example (me showing a partial solar eclipse, outside a pub, back in 1996:drunken_smilie:)


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Thanks for the replies. I've decided against filters for binoculars and gone for a solar filter for my Meade ETX125. All I have to do now is wait for the winds to drop and for some sun. Not much of it lately on the Isle of Man!

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