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Meade UWA or Nagler?


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I have the 14mm UWA, and like it a lot. My only quibble is the slightly restrictive eye relief (15mm is just shy of my comfort zone with specs). I also have two Naglers, both T4 rather than T6, and prefer them due to their better eye relief. Optically they seem to go for a slightly different balance of trade-offs. The Naglers are slightly sharper at the edge (but only very slightly) and have slightly more pincushion distortion. We tested the UWA 14mm in Olly Penrice's TEC 140, and it produced wonderful views of M13. When placed on the edge of the FOV, yielded very sharp stellar images right up to the edge of the FOV.

Both Naglers and UWA are excellent EPs, but I will in due course replace the Meade UWA with the 12mm Nagler T4, but as before, only because of eye relief.

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I would advise a second hand nagler it wiill be as good and in most cases better than the meade and will cost about the same as a new meade but if you dont like it or decide to change, aslong as its in good condition your probably get your money back years later

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The meade and nagler series like most have strengths and weakness in several parts of the focal range - the nagler range is consistent but by no means always the 'best' which is very subjective.

The meade 8.8mm is reported to be excellent, certainly not much between it and the nagler 9. Unless you happen to be a TV fan and own the range or have a very fast telescope there is no reason on optical grounds to opt for a tv 9 at £230 over the meade at around £130.


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