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How many AH do I need for my power pack

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I have a 6AH power pack which does not last long enough when running NEQ6, USB hub and cameras. I would also like to connect the laptop which draws another 2A plus dew heaters, say another 3A. When I add all this together I get something like 7A for, say 5 hours which gives me 35AH if everything was running flat out.

I have been looking at the different battery types and a 75-88 AH sealed leisure battery would do the job but is that over kill. I wondered what others use ..... I would like be be able to get away with a 26-30 AH GEL battery but don't think that would be enough.

So come on guys (and gals) what are you using and do you have any advice before I splash out. And, no, I do not want to use a mains power supply.

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I run with 110Ahr deep cycle sla, and a seperate 17Ahr battery to power the camera and other sensitive kit. This leaves the mount and dew heaters on a seperate circuit so any voltage sags/spikes don't hurt the imaging.

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If you are going to draw 35Ah then you should be looking at a battery with a capacity of around double that ie 70+ Ah.

For my own set-up which is: mount 1-2A, Lappy 3.5A (check yours it may be 3+ rather than 2!) cameras etc and dew heater 2-3A, I need ~8A when everything is running. I use a 75Ah leisure battery which has always been enough for sessions of upto about 6 hours max.

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Another consideration is the ambient temperature.

Batteries struggle to give thier best in cold conditions, so the AH rating needs to be dropped. The recommendation to go for twice the expected sounds fair.


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