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I have to agree Chris - black is best for camera casings :)   So I'm reprinting the outer casing - that's the cone and tube in black.  No point in encouraging light to get in, after all!

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Hi,  I started to build my own all-sky camera lately. Here is the link http://astro.galleria.fi/blog/26/DIY+All-Sky+Camera/ It uses QHY5 L II and fisheye. Casing is from cookiejar and dome from eBay.

Dayglo pink.  It's the only option James

I have a shutter that works, the meter movement is araldited to the edge of the pcb, and it all fits the existing casing. need to sort out the anti dew, then it might all work H

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Printed the cone part fine and left it printing the outer tube overnight.  When I went to the printer this morning I found it had only printed about a third of it and the nozzle was bunged up.  So I'm now soaking the nozzle in acetone.  The other extruder parts are fine - I extruded some transparent filament without the nozzle on.  I've had the nozzle block up before and that was with black filament.  In the meantime I have had several kilogram reels of coloured filament through the printer (from the same supplier).  I think I'll only use black where the application is critical otherwise I'll use colours or transparent.  The lighter colours and transparent print better than darker ones so I guess the less pigmnet in the filament the better.  Non-pigmented filament (transparent/clear) is certainly best (though rather boring :D).

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Outer casing is now finished.  Now thinking about the shutter control.  Here is a screenshot of a crude SmartDraw circuit diagram of the solenoid control circuit.  The idea of two transistors is to provide hysteresis so that the shutter is either open or shut and never inbetween in twilight.  I have yet to work out the resistor values - it's a very long time since I've done any of this sort of design.  But I don't think it warrants using an op amp or schmitt trigger logic chip.  OTOH that might be easier :D

Anyone have a control circuit that they'd like to share please?  I think I've read of a couple of others who have all-sky cams working but can't remember if any use a solenoid.

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a quick question about this picture please, what is the resolution, ie: 640x480 or full QHY5 resolution of 1280*1024 ?

Full QHY5 resolution.  If PHD2 actually gives this.

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