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When was the last time you had the 'WOW' Factor?

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I saw orion unaided last night around 1am, I didn't know it was up in the sky by that time! It was too late for me to get the scope out with work this morning, I had a quick peak with my 9x50 finder and even with that it looks amazing, just about make out the haze of the nebula, I can't wait to see it with my scope!

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I bet. I went WOW seeing it through my 80mm APO; 25 times the light should improve the visual impact somewhat :(

I now intend to try this target with my 3" or 4" refractor and an OIII filter but then again its not going to look anywhere near as nice :)

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Last week first time found Andromeda in my scope (only a blur for me but I found it)

and last Saturday when i was up at 7 a.m. and saw Mars for the first time with my bins.

Maybe next weekend set an alarm and drag the scope out for that ....

But both times : wow !!!

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A few weeks ago when I first watched the Sun through the Baader film and a 4" achromat. Although I knew from all those pictures what to expect, it was still jaw-dropping. The razor-sharp disk, well-defined spots, granulation momentarily appearing here and there, and even those radial wisps in the biggest spot's penumbra.

I've only observed the Sun before using eyepiece projection on a poor-quality screen. All I could see then was that the disk is round and has some darker blotches. And that was more than 10 years ago.

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Seeing the Blinking Planetary nebula (NGC 6826) for the first time through my 4" refractor from my suburban light polluted skies although the blinking effect is not as pronounced with such a small scope.

Still no veil nebula though :D

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5.30 this morning. Checked Stellarium, Mars is to the south of Leo. Scope was cooling down. Took my planisphere out, id'd Leo. Where's Mars then? Oh yeah, the big red star. WOW.

Unfortunately it still looked like a big red star in my Dob.....

I've had quite a few wows lately, but last night I managed to find the double cluster, and that is very pretty.

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