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Total Newbie!!!


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I'm new on here, I've been signed up on here for a little while, and simply admire the photography work on here.

I haven't got a telescope yet, but maybe someday soon I will have :)

The reason I am now so interested in Astronomy is Brian Cox. What a total legend he is! (I read on here not everyone agrees! :evil6:) Wonders of the Universe & Wonders of the Solar System fascinated me. My first ever DVD I bought was the BBC "The Planets" series 14 years ago!

Anyway, I'm Mike, from West Sussex, UK and in to my little hot hatch cars, photography and astronomy of course.

Well, that's it from me :)


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Hi Mike and Welcome,

Cox brings astronomy to the mainstream. That alone makes me like him and his shows. People usually have an issue with the show focusing on the rock star Brian Cox and his exotic destinations rather than astronomy. I agree it leans towards that and its not the most informative show, but he is garnering interest in an important science and its something fresh in a television world full of reality shows and pure **** (sorry but the news is tough to watch nowadays). BTW, The Planets series is one of my favorites as well:)

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Welcome, from another newbie. :)

The reason I am now so interested in Astronomy is Brian Cox. What a total legend he is!

I think of his as the 'David Attenborough' of astronomy, a real talent for explaining things in an engaging and insightful manner.

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