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Jupiter 14/10/11 2nd attempt


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I'm struggeling to get it more clear also with my 550D and explorer 200 PDS. Got same as you when using a 2x barlow.

You used any barlow when you took this?

How many frames did you stack, btw, and qith what quality settings?

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This was taken with a 2x barlow as with out it i cant get the focus right, this was only a 15 second capture as any longer and it was out of the eyepiece as i dont have any tracking.

Below are the text details from sharpcap:

[Philips SPC 900NC PC Camera]


Frame Rate (fps)=15.00

Colour Space / Compression=YUY2









After using registax to align and limit the frames i only had a total of 48 frames to stack.

hope this helps.

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I see.

From what i've heared, with teh SPC900, if you have higher then 10 FPS, it starts to compress pics. if this is true, it could be that you get a better quality lowering it to 10 FPS even if that means you get less frames. Worth a try at least.

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