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When I get to select the ASCOM driver for my QHY5v, I can select ASCOM "late" or erm, ASCOM not late interfaces. Reading the scant info I can find, it suggests that early binding has fewer over computer heads, but doesn't really give any downsides, and can't find a good reason why I should want to chose the late binding.

Why should I chose either one over the other?

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Stick with late binding - it is a little slower (not that you'd ever notice) but at least it is still supported. The ASCOM platform developers flirted with early binding in ASCOM V5 but have now dropped it for ASCOM 6 (one of several about turns).


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Because presumably the QHY driver was developed when ASCOM 5 was the standard and the ASCOM team themselves were encouraging developers to implement early binding was the future - At least the QHY developers were smart enough to keep late binding as an option.

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