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Question on space-time/ time travel

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Is it true that time ticks slower when moving at speed away from a gravitational field? If so, and this is what I don't understand, how can this affect the human ageing process? Can the human life be preserved along with the time kept on the clock? Probably a stupid question and I hope I explained it well enough, really want to understand thx

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Hi, it is not a stupid question at all. As I understand it, the aging process as you describe would only slow down relative to the fixed point in the gravitational field. The speeding human would not notice any slowing down of the clock or their own ageing process.

Of course I may be completely wrong, in which case someone else will be along shortly to give a better answer.

Liz :rolleyes:

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Time goes slower in the presence of gravitational field so the nearer you are to a large mass the slower time will pass when compared to an observer watching you from outside the fields influence.

Speed will also have the same effect.

Think I got that right

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From the perspective of the person itself, times goes at it's normal pace in every circunstance.

When a person would be travelling at a speed nerar the speed of light or would be subjected to a strong gravitational field, he or she wouldn't see any difference and would experience time the same way we do. The time difference would only be detected when compared with someone who didn't experienced that speed or strong gravitational field.

Just a remark: there isn't any place in the Universe without gravity. Earth's gravity field extends to the entire universe (even though it is negligible al long distances). In the same way, here on Earth we are subjected to the gravity fields of all the bodies of the entire universe (even if we can only feel the gravity influence of the Sun and Moon).

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