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Hello folks,

Quick question - I have an Astronomic CLS CCD CLIP filter and have been using it on my modded 300D. However I'm wanting to give my 350D a go on the scope but have yet to mod it.

My question is, can I still use the CLS Clip on an unmodded camera? To help with LP - is it going to hinder my images in any way?



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You'll have to make some small tweaks to the colour balance but if you suffer from the horrid brownie/orange skyglow then its well worth the effort... and will be able to take much longer subs...

Agree 100%

I use one in an un-modified Canon 400D. The only thing I've found is that it can lead to a greenish tinge when processing... but its 1000x better than not using one at all when LP is around !

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