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meeting 22nd october @ location : the Farm


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the next meeting for the south wales valleys is the 22nd of october

as last time an extra week (the 29th october) may be used instead if good weather permits

the locatation is

South Wales Astro SGL sites - Google Maps

(its the blue pin on mynyddislwyn)

the co-ords are : +51° 38' 46.08", -3° 9' 39.27"

we did have trouble last time finding this site. there is a large green triangle of grass which we can meet up before moving on as well as a sainzburys close by

so post if any one would like that

any questions or querys just ask :)

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I'll try to be there.

(Hopefully the round of viruses that have been raging through my kids will have abated by then and I can actually get away from the house having had somewhere near a night's sleep without a hospital or doctor's visit. And it will be clear. It will!)

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Lol I always keep forgetting the time. Last few have been around 7/8. It's gettin dark at present at about 7 half 7 as depending on your equiptment (if u wanna bring any) will depend on what time u come. I always work sat if I Cnt get it off (I'll know closer) I be there 9 onwards.

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hey guys, went up the farm last night about permission and the farmer said it was ok :D cracking night last night up there crystal skys ;) and first time i hadnt felt nackard after work too :D hopefully the weather will be the same next week!

edit : i see pats done it too :D apple upgraded my mail to somthing else, i havent been getting my mail through straight away i must av missed the above replys :D lol

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good afternoon guys

weather today

bbc : cloudy

metoffice : cloudy

now it looks better than yesterday, but it could still change

im in work from 2, but im not sure what time i'll be finishing tonight, it will be either 8 - 10, but the site is only 5 mins up the road from where i work so not bad

if its cloudy obviously we wont get any viewing in, but we can still meet if every one wants to

i'll post another weather before i go to work


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