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Which Celestron Eyepiece is better for planetary observation??


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I have followed with some interest the recent thread started by Bertfry regarding planetary eyepiece recommendations. I note that many people favour the New X-Cel LX Eyepieces. I have particular interest since I am searching this question myself; and I was wondering which of the following is the better choice. I own 2 scopes, a Celestron 11" CPC GPS XLT, and the more portable Celestron Nexstar 5 SE. My primary observation is planetary but I am aiming to begin observing more deep space objects once I acquire this eyepiece and I shall be using my 2x Powermate for when the viewing is favourable.

13mm Celestron Ultima LX or 12mm Celestron X-Cel LX

How do these eyepieces compare with the following for deep space observation?

12.5mm Baader Genuine Orthoscopic

11mm TeleVue Plossl

12mm Meade 5000 Series HD-60 LE

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Hi guys,

I;m a convert to the better Celestron EPs..I now have 32 and 22mm Ultimax LX's and a 7mm Axiom. They are all superb eyepieces, and in my opinion much underrated. I've sold most of my other eps as I am so pleased with the Celestrons..the Ultimas have a 70deg field, the Axiom a whopping 82 degrees. Build quality is great, and the Ultimas design means they can't roll off a table or shelf if they are on their sides.

I'd highly recommend and will now probably get a 13mm Ultima or 15mm Axiom when funds permit, to complete the set...oh, and they barlow really well with my Revelation 2" ED barlow..



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Thanks for the info Dave, Yes I can agree that the Celestron Axiom LX is an awesome eyepiece; as you say the build quality is superb even down to the anti-roll design. I have a 23mm Axiom LX and an older design 34mm Axiom both are optically superb.

I have no previous experience of the Ultima LX's so I'm glad to hear your recommendation. I must say the Celestron Omni series are not bad for budget EP's either and the Barlow is great, I use it with my Nexstar 5SE because the powermate makes things a tad heavy.

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