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great time with new scope

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hiya all we had some great clear skies recently by looks of it and great views with my new scope an astromaster with a starfinder that is as much use as a tub of dried up paint lol.learnt to polar align the mount ect and got to see jupiter with great detail on low power(only had 1 eyepiece)gonna get the celestron eyepieces upgrade kit.great scope and great start to astronomy well pleased,hope u all got good observing the past few nights:D

little tip for any astromaster users.if u have a dodgy starfinder like mine turn it of or remove it and aim the scope as if u were looking down a barrel of a gun,i lined up the tops of the 2 ring brackets so they looked flush with each other and the front of the tube and u should be pretty close to your target even with it in view it worked for me not accurate but will do if u are getting a lil annoyed with the starfinder till u get a replacement.lots of users on this forum have been very helpfull towards this situation.gonna replace mine with an add on.so thank you to u all

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Hi Luna,

I am pleased to hear that you have had such a good time looking through your new telescope. Jupiter is a lovely object to view. I never get tired of looking at it and at higher magnifications you will get to see even more detail. Have fun, and I hope the skies stay clear for you.

Liz :)

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Congratulations Luna on your observations, Jupiter is looking good and can only get better this month! The Telrad is great alternative red dot finder but a little big (aesthetically) for your scope so the Rigel Quickfinder would be a good alternative.

Keep up the good work and hopefully you will have clear skies soon to hunt for more objects.


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